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Blog About the Homeless in Manhattan

At Concrete Pillows, we believe that it’s important to educate ourselves on the important social issues that are happening in our communities. We believe that photography can be a powerful tool to illustrate the stories told through our informative and compelling stories. If you want to educate yourself more on important issues, read our blog about homelessness in Manhattan.

Homelessness, especially within the big city of Manhattan, is a prevalent issue. Thousands of individuals have found themselves without homes and without a listening ear to hear their stories. That’s where Concrete Pillows wants to help.

Blog about the Homeless in Manhattan

When you visit Concrete Pillows, you can better learn about the homelessness that affects our cities. You can learn about this strong but saddening community so that you can find ways to help those in our community that truly need us. Our photography will give you a personal look into the lives of the individuals that have lost their homes here in Manhattan.

We need to humanize and cultivate empathy for those in our community that are struggling. That’s why Concrete Pillows wants to give you a deep look into homelessness in Manhattan so that you can be inspired to help. To learn more and tell us your story, connect with us through our contact page.

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